Peerless Watercolours

Hi and welcome to my blog.

For some time now I’ve been looking for some bright watercolors that wouldn’t cost me the earth. After months of looking I found them! These little beauties come in a variety of colors that are both vibrant & affordable. When I first saw them I was a little confused. I’ve never seen any paint medium presented like the Peerless watercolors. You see these come in paper form! Which not only makes them easy to use but also very easy to carry around with you. All you need is your little palete of watercolors and a water-brush and you’re all set. There are different sets that you can purchase and each pack have the most beautiful vibrant colors.

To start off with I bought two sets and made myself a little swatch book for easier use. Here is the Pretty in Pink Set.



To make the little swatch book I used two sheets of A4 size watercolor paper folded in half. I put an acetate sheet in between the pages of my book as to protect the paint and also use as a mixing palette. I then threaded some twine in the middle of the book to hold it all together.






I sat down yesterday and had my first little play with them. Let me start by saying that I am not the best colorist and I need a lot of work. I stamped a couple of images with Archival ink and used a water-brush to lift the colors and paint with. The array of colors are just stunning and there are so many to choose from.


IMG_4718 IMG_4720









I had seen a cool little technique on you tube that I wanted to try also. You first heat emboss a greeting and then use the watercolor to create a rainbow around the words. Here’s my take on it. The embossed words act like a resist to the paint. I love how it turned out so I made a little card from it.

IMG_4723IMG_4813 If you would like more information on these lovely little paints go their website here.

Happy crafting!


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