DLP – Week 6

I’m slowly catching up with my DLP and have finished week 6! This weeks prompt is: When not to stop – Don’t stop til you get enough!

I absolutely loved making this page and love how it turned out!! I actually created this one before week 5 as previously mentioned and it’s where I first tried the brayering technique

A few weeks ago I set myself the task of going through the kid’s school books. I hate this job. While I love going through each book and seeing what they’ve done for the year, I know that I can’t keep them all and that some need to be thrown out. Breaks my heart! So while I was trolling through each book trying to decide which to keep and which to part with I came up with a great idea of ripping out some pages and using them for my journaling! Brilliant I say. So my first layer to this journal page is courtesy of my Daughter.


Next I brayered over it with turquoise, yellow and magenta, I then used a baby wipe to wipe a bit of paint off so you could see some of the work beneath.


I added some home-made washi tape that I’d made a couple of years ago at a class. It’s been sitting untouched in my drawer since then so was a good excuse to get it out. I used different stencils with gesso and paint to add some depth.


I added some more stenciling with a black marker. I used another stencil to add the heart shapes and used a variety of mediums to color them in. Mediums included, neo colors, paint, water-color pencils and gesso. I also added some stamping.


And here’s the finished page

IMG_4665IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4674

This is my favorite page so far. Love all the colors and different layers. So are you playing along yet? You can find everything you need to know about The Documented Life Project here.


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