Getting back into my craft room

So this year I am determined to get more crafting in. I’ve let my hobby/passion slip a little over the last couple of years. I’ve still done things here and there but my mojo seemed to have dissipated and the craft room got messier and messier because of it. It became the dumping ground for everthing else.

before pink

Before – pink drawers

So the first thing was to give my craft room a little TLC and get it back to functioning. My room has evolved a lot over the years as my supplies have expanded and my crafting developed and changed. I finally was able to buy myself a little Raskog cart from Ikea. I’ve been drooling over these for ages. I had been waiting for it to go on sale and finally it did! So off we went to ikea. I’m in love with Teal atm and I managed to nab the very last one they had in stock! Yay me. I also found matching coloured Drona drawers for my expedit. I’ve had pink ones in my Expedit but I never liked the colour so I was more than happy to find Teal ones, and they were also on sale. Win Win

The before mess

The before mess

After swapping my drawers the room already started to look and feel better. Next came what I like to call  “my little cart of happiness”. The raskog was pretty easy to put together and didn’t take long. I put all my mixed media goodies in there. I can’t tell you how much I love this little cart. It makes crafting so much easier. Everything is at arms length and being on wheels means I can move it around to wherever I want. This also makes it great for when I’m crafting with the kids in the living room. I just wheel the little cart to the dining table and everything is there. No more making 10 trips and carrying all my supplies out and then packing up.

My little cart of happiness

My little cart of happiness

Top level

Top level – a ll of my favourite supplies

I spent a couple of days tidying up my supplies and sorting out things and I can now say that I’ve fallen back in love with my space and I get in there at every opportunity I can get. So it’s not perfect and I’m sure it will keep changing and evolving, but for the moment – it’s my favourite place to be. My mojo has returned and I’m having a blast creating and experimenting again!

craft room after 2015

craft room after 2015 2

desk corner

craft room after 2015 3

Happy Crafting


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