New Moleskine Journal

There’s a lot of love out there for these journals so as I needed a new one I thought I’d give one a go. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any local stockists so had to order one online. I would have liked to have had a proper look at the range. I had no idea which one to get as there are quite a few options, and not a lot of information on each one. I really wanted a soft cover but ended up with a hard cover. But I must say I am in love. The ivory pages are fantastic – I prefer it to normal stark white pages, and if I need a white background a quick layer of Gesso will do the trick. I wanted this journal to dedicate to photos and simple layouts. So I dived right in with my first page. I used minimal products and pulled them all out so I had them ready to go. I was very tempted through the process to reach for other supplies but I held strong and only used a couple of sprays, acrylic paint, marker and a stencil and stamps.

Here’s my page. Simple, but I love it. I could have kept adding layers but I liked the way it looked so I stopped.





Do you own a Moleskine journal? Which one do you have? Would love some more feedback on these.

Happy crafting!


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