When kids embarrass the hell out of you

So I’ve been meaning to blog some creative posts but got attacked with another gout flair in my knee and had to get it drained, second time in 5 weeks. Not happy.

So instead I thought I’d tell you about the last time my 6-year-old son embarrassed to the hell out of me.

A couple of weeks ago I had to take him to the doctors for a checkup. I did the whole mum speech before we got there: “so the doctor’s going to ask you some questions, so you need to listen and answer her OK?” I wasn’t really worried cause he is pretty much always well-behaved.

We got there to a fairly full waiting room but he happily sat and made a new friend in the kids area and played. Meanwhile another child was being an absolute terror and I could see her mum was close to a nervous breakdown as this child just wouldn’t listen to her. I sat there smugly thinking “I’m so glad MY child is so well-behaved.” Hu!! I should have swallowed my thoughts.

We were called in and my child dutifully sat in the chair and the doctor started with the questions. Not a peep out of him! “Sweetie you need to answer the doctor.” He looks and me and mumbles some sort of response. “Darling you need to talk up.” He smiles and answers again. The doctor now starts to ask me some questions and I see my sweet gorgeous, normally well-behaved child stick his finger in his mouth cover it in saliva and proceed to wipe in on the arm of the chair. “Zaccy don’t do that please, that’s not a nice thing to do”. He looks at me and does it again. At this point I’m thinking my child has had a case of body snatches and I look apologetically at the doctor who doesn’t look amused. She continues with the checkup and he continues to wipe saliva covered fingers all over the chair. At this point I think steam is coming out of my ears and I’ve shot him “stop it now!” looks at which he giggles and says “What?? I’m not doing anything!”

The doctor takes him over to measure and weigh him at which point he notices the light switch. When he comes back to the chair he takes another saliva filled finger and wipes it right in front of the doctor on her desk. I just about died there on the spot and wanted to slink out of the room. As the doctor is wrapping up he gets up and goes to the light switch and lingers there with his hand on the button. I gave him a few stern words which he completely dismissed. Thankfully it was time to head out the door.

Let me tell you he got a few stern words in the car on the way home. Moral of the story, don’t every feel smugly about how well-behaved your child is, cause at some point they WILL embarrass the hell out of you.

When was the last time your child embarrassed you?


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