Finnabair (Anna Dabrowska) in Australia

So about 8 months ago out of sheer boredom and wanting something to do I started looking at You tube for some motivation to get back into crafting. After not playing with anything for over 6 months I was overdue some craft time. And this is when I discovered Mixed Media! Oh what joy, so many fun products, pure crafting freedom and so much creativity. About this time I learnt about the beautiful Anna aka Finnabair. If you don’t know about her yet, my lord what are you waiting for. She is amazing and so inspirational. Her creations are to dye for and I wish I had an ounce of her imagination. I found out that she would be teaching classes at my favorite scrapbooking place in Adelaide, I knew I had to attend. It was going to be my treat and I started saving. I initially only signed up for one of the classes but after seeing previews of the second class I bit the bullet and signed up for that too.

Now of course having a chronic illness life doesn’t always go to plan. I had been waiting for these classes for what seemed like forever and as if on time I got sick the weekend before. If you read my previous post, this is when I found out I had gout. I started having major pain in my knee on Friday night and of course being the weekend couldn’t get to my Rheumy till Monday. I spent the weekend not being able to sit or move my knee from the sheer pain. On Monday my amazing Rheumy got me in straight away and drained 75 ml of fluid from my knee and jabbed me with a cortisone injection. (He sent the fluid for testing which is how we found out it was gout). I was hoping that by Thursday I would be ok for the classes. But after spending most of the weekend in bed, my back was pretty stuffed and sitting down was pretty unbearable. But being the stubborn person I am, there was no way I was missing this class. So loaded up with ice packs and pain relief I made my way down to Paper Flourish. The vibe was amazing, the shop filled with amazing girls some of whom I’ve come to know over the last few months at other classes. Anna as I imagined was amazing and funny and so lovely. I wish I could concentrate more but being in pain I was finding pretty hard. I knew there was no way I’d make it to the night class so I was taking in as much as I could. As I had already paid for the class, I got to take the kit with me and so I have a lot of lovely Prima/Finnabair products to play with still.

So here are some pics. I wish I’d taken more on the day but there was so much to do, I barely had time to stop and take a breather. I’m not entirely happy with my finished product, if I’d had more time to play with it I think it would have come out better but I’m so glad to have gotten to that class. I’ve learnt so many techniques and will be using them for years to come.


Finnabair class

Anna teaching us one of the steps


journal finished 1

Finished Journal Cover

journal finished 3

More Detailed views

journal close up

When we started I had no vision as to how this would look. I’d never done a piece like this before and it was hard to envision how it would look when it was finished. I would change a lot of it if I could, especially the ribbon, or how I placed it, I don’t really like how it looks, but it was a great learning class and I love all the little bits that are on this cover and how Anna taught us how to just stop thinking and just start putting things down. I hope she comes back one day, but for now I can enjoy all her creations online.


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