Documented Life Project – Week 8

Hi and thanks for popping in. Week 8’s challenge was “Repeating Elements”. I tossed up a few ideas for this page but ended up going with circles for my element.

I started my page using one of my kid’s school work pages again, then brayered some colors over the top. I wiped some of the paint off so you could still see some of the writing below.

IMG_4869 IMG_4870


I wasn’t liking the colors at this point, I wanted it more vibrant. I added some different circle stencils with some heavy gel gloss. Normally I would use texture paste but I didn’t have any. I wasn’t really sure how the gel would react so it was a bit of an experiment. Once the gel was dry I went over the top with some vibrant colored sprays and added some circle stamps too.

IMG_4873 IMG_4874

Next I punched out some different sized circles from some scrap paper I had and glued them on using collage pauge.


I used yellow as a contrasting color on the circles and mixed it with a little white paint. I then drew around them with a  watercolor pencil and neo colour crayon to help them pop a bit. Here’s the finished page!



If you’d like to join in the fun, don’t forget to check out the Art to the 5th Academy’s website. Happy crafting!

Page items used:


Jo Sonjas Rose Pink & Sapphire paint

Kaiser Kraft White paint

Atelier Arylamide Yellow Paint

Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss

Tim Holtz Dot Fade Stencil

Finnabair Bubbles Stencil

Dylusions White Linen, Campso Teal and Funky Fuchsia Sprays

Heidi Colour Shine Spray – Teal

Tim Holtz Spills and Splatters Stamp set

Stampin up Circle Punches 1″, 1 3/4″ & 1 3/8″

Ranger Archival Ink

Scrap Paper

Artline Clix 203 Fine .4 pen

Derwent Ivory Black watercolor Pencil

Paynes Grey Neo Colour

Collage Pauge


Peerless Watercolours

Hi and welcome to my blog.

For some time now I’ve been looking for some bright watercolors that wouldn’t cost me the earth. After months of looking I found them! These little beauties come in a variety of colors that are both vibrant & affordable. When I first saw them I was a little confused. I’ve never seen any paint medium presented like the Peerless watercolors. You see these come in paper form! Which not only makes them easy to use but also very easy to carry around with you. All you need is your little palete of watercolors and a water-brush and you’re all set. There are different sets that you can purchase and each pack have the most beautiful vibrant colors.

To start off with I bought two sets and made myself a little swatch book for easier use. Here is the Pretty in Pink Set.



To make the little swatch book I used two sheets of A4 size watercolor paper folded in half. I put an acetate sheet in between the pages of my book as to protect the paint and also use as a mixing palette. I then threaded some twine in the middle of the book to hold it all together.






I sat down yesterday and had my first little play with them. Let me start by saying that I am not the best colorist and I need a lot of work. I stamped a couple of images with Archival ink and used a water-brush to lift the colors and paint with. The array of colors are just stunning and there are so many to choose from.


IMG_4718 IMG_4720









I had seen a cool little technique on you tube that I wanted to try also. You first heat emboss a greeting and then use the watercolor to create a rainbow around the words. Here’s my take on it. The embossed words act like a resist to the paint. I love how it turned out so I made a little card from it.

IMG_4723IMG_4813 If you would like more information on these lovely little paints go their website here.

Happy crafting!

DLP – Week 7

Hi and thanks for popping in. I have managed to catch up with my DLP and have done my week 7. I’m not overly happy with this page, but it is slowly growing on me. I figure all pieces of art are a learning process so I’m determined to share my good and my bad pages.

This weeks prompt is “Covering up the good stuff – Going undercover”. This is something I always struggle with and which is why I usually stop short with a page as I’m always scared I will ruin it by adding more stuff.

Well I gave this one a good crack.

I started with a brayered background again. I used Atelier paint in Pthalo Turquoise, Vermilion and Arylamide Yellow. I was trying to use a bit of a different color pallet.

brayer background

I added some letter stenciling in Atelier Quinacridane Magent and then sprayed Dylusions Linen White spray over a Word stencil.


I tried to add another stencil with Dylusions Yellow Zest, but it kinda failed. I liked the splash of yellow though so I kept it even though you can’t tell what it is.


And then came the covering up part. I mixed the same magenta paint with a little black and painted a random shape to cover some of the background. I wasn’t really sure where to go after this.


So I added Peek-a-boo with a white sharpie paint pen and some dots around the shape. And I’m calling it done!



IMG_4709 IMG_4708 IMG_4706


Hope you enjoyed having a look. Don’t forget if you want to play along or find out more go to the Art to the 5th Acadamy website here.


DLP – Week 6

I’m slowly catching up with my DLP and have finished week 6! This weeks prompt is: When not to stop – Don’t stop til you get enough!

I absolutely loved making this page and love how it turned out!! I actually created this one before week 5 as previously mentioned and it’s where I first tried the brayering technique

A few weeks ago I set myself the task of going through the kid’s school books. I hate this job. While I love going through each book and seeing what they’ve done for the year, I know that I can’t keep them all and that some need to be thrown out. Breaks my heart! So while I was trolling through each book trying to decide which to keep and which to part with I came up with a great idea of ripping out some pages and using them for my journaling! Brilliant I say. So my first layer to this journal page is courtesy of my Daughter.


Next I brayered over it with turquoise, yellow and magenta, I then used a baby wipe to wipe a bit of paint off so you could see some of the work beneath.


I added some home-made washi tape that I’d made a couple of years ago at a class. It’s been sitting untouched in my drawer since then so was a good excuse to get it out. I used different stencils with gesso and paint to add some depth.


I added some more stenciling with a black marker. I used another stencil to add the heart shapes and used a variety of mediums to color them in. Mediums included, neo colors, paint, water-color pencils and gesso. I also added some stamping.


And here’s the finished page

IMG_4665IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4674

This is my favorite page so far. Love all the colors and different layers. So are you playing along yet? You can find everything you need to know about The Documented Life Project here.

DLP Week 5

Here is my week 5 take on the Documented Life Project. The prompt for week 5 is: Under paper (paper on your work table) – What lies beneath? 

I got the inspiration for this page from scrolling through my instagram feed. I can’t remember the artist’s name though (sorry), but when I went to create this page I had this image in my head and I used that as my starting point. This page was actually created after Week 6 as I was trying to get as much onto my under paper as I could.

The background was created using paint and brayer. Ok let me just say, I think I’ve found my new favourite way to make a background. I’ve had a brayer in my stash for a long time and have never used it with paint! Crazy I know. But I just love the effect!

The first few colors consisted of a teal, green, gold and yellow.





I thought it needed a little pop so added some magenta using my finger.


I then added some stenciling with gesso. A little tip – those new mini blending tools by Tim Holtz are fantastic for using with a stencil and gesso/paint. It prevents any bleeding you would normally get under your stencils and you can have a little sponge for each color.

The flower and butterflies were cut out of my under paper. I’ve never used under paper before but will be from now on. It looks pretty cool. I also used my typo letter stamps to spell out the quote.




And here’s the finished page. I doodled around the page, flower and butterflies with a black watercolor pencil to help them pop a bit. Then used a water brush to blend the pencil. I also used a grey pan pastel to add more shading and around the border of the page.



I’m quite happy with the final product. Here are some close ups

IMG_4680 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4684




IMG_4686 IMG_4687


















I also took Roben’s idea of making the left side a sort of menu of what I used on the page. It’s a great way to keep a record of what you did and used so that when you look back you have some idea of how you created the page.

You can find everything you need to know about The Documented Life Project here.



The Documented Life Project

Last year I discovered an awesome group of artists who got together to inspire us to get out there and document our life, and in doing so expand our artistic ways and learn new techniques. I fell in love with the concept immediately and was so excited to get my diary to play along. Yes well, there was a hiccup with the order I put in (nothing to do with DLP or the girls involved, this was an independent book store I was ordering from) and my diary didn’t come for several weeks. By that time I was so far behind that it all became too much and was too overwhelming and I think I did two weeks and absolutely hated what I created and pretty much threw in the towel. Yes I am a sooky lala. Well this year they’ve created a new program and for some reason it fits better with me. Maybe it’s because it’s in an art journal instead of a diary and I don’t have to worry about documenting my life as such, but rather just have fun with art that I’m loving it. I’m also giving myself time to do each challenge and not worrying about falling behind and I’m catching up at my own pace. I’m also using a Dylusions Journal I already owned and the fact that I had already created some pages in the book, isn’t bugging me. Now if you knew me you would know that normally this would drive me nuts and I would need a brand new book. But I’m all about letting go and going with the flow this year lol.

So here are the first 4 weeks I’ve done.

WEEK 1:  Book paper – be your own goal keeper

WEEK 1: Book paper – be your own goal keeper

WEEK 2: Gesso – The beginning is always today

WEEK 2: Gesso – The beginning is always today

WEEK3: The colour wheel – I found I could say things with colour or shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – Georgia O’Keeffe

WEEK3: The colour wheel – I found I could say things with colour or shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – Georgia O’Keeffe

WEEK 4: Writing- Words with friends

WEEK 4: Writing- Words with friends

The next ones I’ll post with more detail and pics, but for now I hope you enjoy. I’m not loving all of them, but I am loving the fact that I don’t care that I don’t love them and that I’ve learnt new techniques and gotten so much inspiration from the DLP girls and all the other people taking part. Wow there are some amazing talented people out there. If you love creating art and having fun I suggest you check it out. You can find everything you need to know here.

Come along and have some fun!

Getting back into my craft room

So this year I am determined to get more crafting in. I’ve let my hobby/passion slip a little over the last couple of years. I’ve still done things here and there but my mojo seemed to have dissipated and the craft room got messier and messier because of it. It became the dumping ground for everthing else.

before pink

Before – pink drawers

So the first thing was to give my craft room a little TLC and get it back to functioning. My room has evolved a lot over the years as my supplies have expanded and my crafting developed and changed. I finally was able to buy myself a little Raskog cart from Ikea. I’ve been drooling over these for ages. I had been waiting for it to go on sale and finally it did! So off we went to ikea. I’m in love with Teal atm and I managed to nab the very last one they had in stock! Yay me. I also found matching coloured Drona drawers for my expedit. I’ve had pink ones in my Expedit but I never liked the colour so I was more than happy to find Teal ones, and they were also on sale. Win Win

The before mess

The before mess

After swapping my drawers the room already started to look and feel better. Next came what I like to call  “my little cart of happiness”. The raskog was pretty easy to put together and didn’t take long. I put all my mixed media goodies in there. I can’t tell you how much I love this little cart. It makes crafting so much easier. Everything is at arms length and being on wheels means I can move it around to wherever I want. This also makes it great for when I’m crafting with the kids in the living room. I just wheel the little cart to the dining table and everything is there. No more making 10 trips and carrying all my supplies out and then packing up.

My little cart of happiness

My little cart of happiness

Top level

Top level – a ll of my favourite supplies

I spent a couple of days tidying up my supplies and sorting out things and I can now say that I’ve fallen back in love with my space and I get in there at every opportunity I can get. So it’s not perfect and I’m sure it will keep changing and evolving, but for the moment – it’s my favourite place to be. My mojo has returned and I’m having a blast creating and experimenting again!

craft room after 2015

craft room after 2015 2

desk corner

craft room after 2015 3

Happy Crafting